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is launching a new multimillion-dollar marketing campaign on television, radio, online and even at the cinema.

The company says its new ads will take "an irreverent and playful look at life" with and without its Internet services. The new advertising spots will debut on prime-time television during the anticipated season premieres of

My Name is Earl


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Grey's Anatomy

beginning Thursday.

The ads will exaggerate a bad scenario with a character who doesn't use Yahoo!, and then play out the same situation again to show how different life is for those who use the Internet giant's services.

New ads will also run in major U.S. markets on radio, in cinemas and online over the coming months. The commercials include the company's "Do You Yahoo!?" tagline and accompanying yodel.

"We're emphasizing our signature tagline to celebrate the 500 million monthly users of Yahoo! branded Web services around the world," said Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo! "Our new ads revitalize Yahoo's brand and rejoice in our company's spirit, with fun and entertaining spots that show how people's lives are made better with Yahoo!"

Yahoo!'s campaign also includes a Dunkin' Donuts coffee giveaway.