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Fabless semiconductor company Wintegra, Inc., has announced that

Texas Instruments

(NYSE:TXN) has invested $11 million, at an estimated company valuation of $60 million, after the money. This investment is part of the company's second round of financing. In total, the company has raised $16 million to date.

The other three investors in Wintegra include venture capital firms

Concord Ventures

, and

Magnum Communications

from Israel, along with Marvell/Galileo Technology, a semiconductor company based in San Jose, California.

Texas Instruments and Wintegra are working together on converged network solutions in the access infrastructure market. Wintegra's access packet processor technology enables equipment operators to migrate between Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) cells and Internet Protocol (IP) packets without jeopardizing current revenue, investment or technology.

The company estimates that the access infrastructure total available market (TAM) for protocol handling devices in 2000 was over $2 billion, and will continue to grow due to emerging product technologies such as voice-over-packet media gateways.

Wintegra's CEO, Kobi Ben-Zvi, said the additional investment funds will be utilized to complete the development and marketing of the company's first series of products in its WinPath family, slated for introduction later this year. Some of the money will also be earmarked for the continued recruitment of staff to the firm's American and Israeli locations.

The company has 60 employees, with offices in Israel, the U.S., and Scotland.