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CEO Tim Cook is the most powerful man in the technology industry. Yet, by many accounts, he's a regular guy.

Former CEO Steve Jobs was an icon and an innovator the likes the world has not seen since Albert Einstein, Henry Ford or Thomas Edison, with his ability to dazzle the world with his gadgets, and tell a story about them. He was difficult to work for, lashing out at employees if projects weren't done well or products that were not up to his standards. Legend has it Jobs fired people in the elevator.

It appears Cook is more approachable and freer with compliments than Jobs was. Here's

one anonymous account



, a question-and-answer site, on what it's like to work with Tim Cook, Apple's CEO.

"I think on the whole I prefer Tim to Steve. While both mostly make their decisions on the basis of their intuition, Tim is less caustic about it -- he's certainly never dressed me down in the same way, and I've never been in a meeting with him where he's done this to anyone else on my team."

"He's also much better at acknowledging work well done, while Steve generally just assumed that good work was its own reward, Tim will take time to praise individuals that have performed over expectation."

"On the minus side, he starts way earlier than Steve did in the last few years, and when you're working on something critical, he expects that you do too. That means that when he sends you an email at 5 a.m. that demands a response, if it's not returned quickly, he lets it be known that he expects more."

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Written by Chris Ciaccia in New York

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