What Bloggers Want From the Next iPhone

Gary Krakow scanned the Web for the latest opinions and rumors about the Apple gadget.
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While TheStreet.com readers have been sending in their ideas for what should be included in the next Apple (AAPL) - Get Report iPhone (you can check them out here), members of the blogosphere have also been busy. Their wish lists are very interesting.

For instance, in addition to the next phone having 3G data capabilities,


says iPhone2 could also offer:

Lighter weight

Black and other colors

Focus on Multimedia with video recording

Video conferencing


A 16GB version -- $499

A new 32GB version for $699

For sure, it's an interesting list that includes a large number of our readers' most-wanted additions.

Actually, I think the prices would be more like $399 for the 16GB and $499 for a new 32GB phone.

But to add to the mystery, there are also rumors that there might be an even cheaper iPhone in the works. Both MacRumors and blogger Kevin Rose say there might be a low-end iPhone on the horizon as well.

Kevin Rose, a former co-host of The Screen Savers on Tech TV who later started


, believes we may be able to buy a new iPhone "light" for $200 or so.

He also predicts

the new "big" iPhone will have 3G data capabilities (a very good idea for something being touted as the 3G iPhone) and a front-pointing camera.

For the record, a month before the original iPhone release in 2007, Kevin, citing inside information, predicted the device would have a slide-out keyboard, a touch screen and two batteries (one for the MP3 player, one for the phone). One out of three ain't bad. As we know, the iPhone does have a touch screen.

My favorite iPhone2 rumor is the one about solar power. A posting on


believes that because Apple has filed a patent for a surprising new technology: the implementation of solar cells underneath the iPhone's touchscreen that the new handset might actually recharge itself.

Of course, that means you would have to keep it out of your pocket or purse or even your fitted case. And recharging at night would be tricky, unless, of course you keep the phone under a lamp, which would sort of defeat the purpose of avoiding any kind of AC outlet.

iPhone Needs to Up Its Game

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Finally, there were rumors that Apple closed the beautiful Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan to prepare for the onslaught when the new iPhone is released.

Not so, according to the young man who answered the phone when I called midafternoon Monday. He told me the store hadn't been closed, wasn't closed now and is actually open 24 hours a day -- every day. In the past, the only times the store has officially been closed was for the actual release of the original iPhone and also for the release of the Leopard operating system.

It doesn't matter who is making the predictions. We'll all know the truth soon enough.

Next Monday, Steve Jobs will take the stage at Apple's WWDC 2008, their Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco, and hopefully put us all out of our misery -- and introduce us to the next iPhone.

Then, starting at that exact moment, we can all begin speculating about what will be included in the iPhone3.

Gary Krakow is TheStreet.com's senior technology correspondent.