If you're an accredited investor who backs a company called Hang With, you can spend time with famous people as a reward.

Currently seeking to raise $2.5 million of equity funding on Crowdfunder, Hang With (stylized as "Hang w/") presents itself as a Periscope-style livestreaming app with a monetization element included. Users are able to send live video broadcasts to anyone who wants to tune in, and are also able to send "Digital Tips" to the broadcasters they want to support-the tips are worth real money. Especially well-viewed channels can generate further revenue by way of the app's integrated ad platform, or by selling Pay-Per-View-style "Digital Tickets" for special broadcasts.

The promise is that celebrities, pop culture influencers, and other high-access clientele will be able to use Hang With smartphone video broadcasts to more easily monetize their time in front of their large followings. But it's not restricted to the upper echelons of society: anyone with a smartphone can use the app as he or she sees fit.

Hang With is a star-studded affair. The company is backed by 50 Cent, Timbaland, Elton Brand, and Larry the Cable Guy; actor Jared Leto and former football player Terrell Owens are advisors. Perhaps it's no surprise that the Kickstarter-style rewards for such a celebrity-studded crowdfunding campaign should incorporate the celebrities themselves.

For a $25,000 investment, a trifecta of chefs from TV shows like Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen will come to your home in the New York City metropolitan area and cook dinner for you and eight guests. A $250,000 investment means Terrell Owens will hang out with you anywhere in the United States, training you and 10 friends in a weight room. Our personal favorite reward is at the $100,000 backing level, which earns you an onstage duet with Tony Orlando in Las Vegas.

Hang With's livestreaming platform platform boasts two to three user sessions per day, with the longest of these sessions lasting 17 minutes. The service won its first million users in the nine months following its launch, which it cites as faster growth than Facebook (FB) - Get Report . Now it's looking for equity investors who want in on the action for the next phase of the business. With nine days remaining in the crowdfunding campaign, the company has raised just 23% of its $2.5 million target. Hang With has previously raised a grand total of $3.55 million since October 2012.

If you're willing to plunk down $100,000 to hang out in a Las Vegas casino with former Miss USA finalist and Celebrity Apprentice Claudia Jordan, that's a plus.

"While we feel the celebrity perks are a great bonus for people who invest in the platform," said Hang With CEO Andrew Maltin, "we honestly believe the biggest perk is the equity that they will receive in the platform[...] Hang With is perfectly situated to be the dominant platform for live content creation and distribution. We have a big vision and we are excited to bring our Crowdfunder investors along for this exciting journey."

Along for this star-studded Crowdfunder-enabled journey is none other than Crowdfunder co-founder Rafe Furst, who is listed one of the campaign's top investors.

CEO Maltin said the next phase of the Hang With's business will involve marketing the app to a much larger audience. If it's going to live up to its ambitions of ruling live content and distribution, it has some catching up to do with Periscope. The Twitter-owned app currently represents dominant leadership in the livestreaming space without any monetization of the user experience.

Until then, know that you have nine days left to pay $50,000 to hang out with UFC fighter Jake Ellenberger for "four hours in his man cave to watch a UFC Fight and play Jake's other favorite combat sport - Call of Duty."