Pele-Phone Communications pronounced itself astonished at stories published in the ultra-Orthodox press on Friday, calling on the religious population to boycott the company, and its rival Partner Communications (Nasdaq, TASE:PTNR, LSE:PCCD) too.

The two companies allow their subscribers to access erotic calls, the ultra-Orthodox press claimed, hence their competitor Cellcom should be preferred.

Pele-Phone claims that the stories were published on immaterial grounds, and insisted that the company has set up a special group of designated numbers for the ultra-Orthodox community. Any content services within that group of numbers, the company claims, is suitable for ultra-Orthodox consumption.

Pele-Phone, the company stated, will continue to provide sector-specific special services.

Partner's spokesperson refused to comment.

Cellcom commented that it shows extra sensitivity to provocative subjects that could injure the feelings of specific sectors, such as the young, and that it tries to minimize activity of the kind.