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he court of public opinion cries for more than 10 defendants.

Yes, after publishing a list of the

Ten Most Wanted on Wall Street

, we at

conclude that we've only skimmed the surface of a deep reservoir of ill will harbored toward the financial world's reputed rogues.

We asked you whether our 10-person list sufficiently exposed the Desperadoes of the Dow, the Nasties of the Nasdaq and other Fiends of Finance. Your answer? A deafening "No!"

"More, more, more!" you bellowed. Nearly every email we received on the subject suggested a new candidate for our Most Wanted list; few correspondents pleaded for clemency toward the people already marked by our attention.

Many of you shouting for movement in the punitive direction got your wish Wednesday. Douglas Faneuil, a Merrill Lynch employee seen as crucial to the investigation of alleged insider stock sales at ImClone, was in a cooperative mood at court Wednesday. Former Enron financial guru Andrew Fastow was charged with fraud. And members of the Rigas family that once ran Adelphia Communications were arraigned.

Despite these developments, the thirst for justice on Wall Street is far from quenched.

In the interests of continuing our mission, we've grouped the additional nominees for our Most Wanted List into a few broad categories. Weep if you must, but don't let your tears blind you on your path to the jury pool. Vote for your (least) favorite.

1. GE: We Bring Good Things to Jack Welch

In mid-September, General Electric retiree Jack Welch renounced a number of nontraditional perquisites he'd been granted in recognition of his ex-chief executive privilege. According to documents Welch's wife filed in the couple's divorce case -- papers subsequently posted on The Smoking Gun -- which of the following items was not fully covered in his original retirement package?

a. Telecom technician service in two offices and five residences.
b. Initiation and dues at three country clubs.
c. Doctors, medical supplies, prescriptions, treatments, tests and vitamins for Mr. and Mrs. Welch.
d. Car insurance for a 1999 Mercedes Benz, a 1981 Mercedes Benz, a 1996 Jeep, a 1989 Jeep and a 1996 Lexus.

Click for the answer!2. We're Out of the Money!

Ex-Tyco International CEO Dennis Kozlowski has been accused of numerous misdeeds, such as taking out at least $225 million in unauthorized loans from Tyco, attempting to erase $25 million of those loans, and receiving $58 million in unauthorized bonuses.Here's another number to chew on: How much of Tyco's market capitalization has been erased since 2000's close?

a. $10 billion
b. $25 billion
c. $45 billion
d. $70 billion

Click for the answer!3. Well, That's a Relief!

Who said, "Nobody believed my company's stock was overpriced. If I did, I would have been selling a lot more"?
a. Dennis Kozlowski / Tyco International

b. Naveen Jain / InfoSpace
c. Bill Gates / Microsoft
d. Gary Winnick / Global Crossing

Click for the answer!4. To Forgive Is Divine

Of 70 publicly traded companies in Silicon Valley with active loans to executives, what percentage, according to The San Jose Mercury News, forgave at least part of a loan?

a. 10%
b. 20%
c. 40%
d. 80%

Click for the answer!5. Keep Your Options Open

Which of these choices is not an excerpt from "Stock options for undiversified executives," a paper by Brian J. Hall and Kevin J. Murphy, published in Journal of Accounting and Economics, February 2002?

a. "While the reported level of total compensation for S&P 500 executives has risen modestly ... the growth in 'risk-adjusted pay' has been relatively dramatic, suggesting that executive value has increased far more than company cost."
b. "The analysis does suggest a puzzle -- widespread use of options when, at least in many cases, restricted stock appears to be the outcome of efficient bargaining."
c. "Laying options on top of existing competitive pay packages results in systematically overpaid executives, lower company profits, and inefficiently provided incentives."
d. "Broad-based stock option plans extending to all company employees ... are, in fact, an unusually expensive and therefore inefficient way to convey compensation to executives and employees."

Click for the answer!6. Home Sweet Home

You've probably heard all about the $445 pincushion, the $6,000 shower curtain and the $15,000 dog umbrella stand that were among the "appointments and furnishings lacking any legitimate business justification" that Tyco's Kozlowski used to decorate his company-financed New York apartment, according to Tyco International. But, hey, it takes more than a pincushion to make a place feel comfy. Which of the following entries does Tyco not allege was on Kozlowski's decorating bill?

a. An $860 pair of oven mitts.
b. A $2,200 wastebasket.
c. $2,900 worth of coat hangers.
d. Bed sheets at $2,980 a set.

Click for the answer!7. Joey Qwest

Former Qwest CEO Joe Nacchio netted $232.5 million in company stock sales from 1999 to 2001, calculates the Rocky Mountain News. The company's market capitalization now stands at $4.4 billion. What was the telephone company's market cap in December 2000?

a. $23 billion
b. $46 billion
c. $68 billion
d. $102 billion

Click for the answer!8. And You Thought a Company Helicopter Was a Frivolous Perk

"I got a resume from a person who listed flying a helicopter as his outside interest. Since I am also a helicopter pilot, I took him out in my helicopter and gave him the controls. He took the controls, and I realized that he didn't know what he was doing. I took the controls back from him. We landed safely, and I terminated the interview."Who said that?

a. Donald Trump / Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts
b. Dennis Kozlowski / Tyco International
c. Bernie Ebbers / WorldCom
d. Warren Buffett / Berkshire Hathaway

Click for the answer!9. Weekend at Bernie's

Finally, some WorldCom numbers to sort out. The company estimates it overstated earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization by more than $7 billion since 1999. Former CEO Bernie Ebbers owed WorldCom $408 million as of the end of May. What's the current market capitalization of WorldCom and its MCI Group?

a. $217 million
b. $317 million
c. $417 million
d. $517 million

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