Although in any case everybody involved (or not involved) in a potential merger between

Internet Gold

(Nasdaq:IGLD) and


denies any talks on the subject, the trustbuster has voiced his view that a merger would be problematic.

Sources at NetVision and Internet Gold both vehemently deny reports of an imminent merger.

NetVision is an Internet service provider controlled by

Discount Investments


Elron Electronic Industries

(Nasdaq:ELRN) owns 50% of the company.

Internet Gold is controlled by the telecoms group



Neither have filed an official request for approval to merge. Nonetheless, last week advocate Zvi Agmon, acting on behalf of Discount Investments and Eurocom, raised the matter before Antitrust Commissioner Dror Strum.

Strum said that the merger could be problematic.

A spokesman on behalf of Elron chief Ami Erel, who is taking over as president of Discount Investments, denied there are negotiations to merge.

Asked if Discount Investments confirms it had contacted Agmon, the spokesman said that Erel did not want to get into the subject.

On Tuesday Discount Investments VP Communications Benjamin Einhorn also denied reports of merger talks between NetVision and Internet Gold.

Einhorn dismissed the reports as unreasonable and unacceptable, and said that the company had not considered the idea.

"A merger between Internet Gold and NetVision is unlikely, illogical, unrealistic and not applicable. If NetVision failed to merge with NonStop, it certainly won't manage it with us," said Internet Gold CEO Eli Holtzman earlier this week.