Treo Trio Takes Aim at Research In Motion

Verizon, Microsoft and Palm join in a new smartphone-based bid to make Blackberry jam.
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Call it another sign of convergence. Microsoft (MSFT) - Get Report, Verizon Wireless and Palm (PALM) are planning a news conference Monday to unveil the latest Treo smartphone.

The cast of tech hard chargers sharing the stage suggests that Microsoft, Palm and even the Verizon Wireless venture of


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have started to see eye to eye on the mobile device market.

The new Treo 700 being introduced Monday will be the first Windows Mobile operating system on Palm's Treo phone. The phone will also feature evolution data only, or EV-DO, fast wireless Net access, as well as WiFi capabilities. Notably, the phone is not expected to be available until next year, says a person familiar with the introduction.

Obviously, the new Windows-powered Treo is aimed directly at

Research In Motion's


popular Blackberry phone.

Palm shares were up $1.66, or 6%, to $30.35 in after-hours trading Friday in anticipation of the announcement.