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Israeli startup Traiana has raised $10 million in a private placement led by the local branch of the American venture capital fund Sequoia.

It was Sequoia's second investment in Israel in two months following a year-and-a-half hiatus.

The Gemini and Evergreen venture capital funds also kicked in. Both had previously invested in the startup, which develops automated customer and counter-party transaction processing solutions for banks, brokers and dealers.

Traiana was founded in 2000 by Gil Mandelzis and Shai Sole. Mandelzis, the company's CEO, had previously worked in mergers and acquisitions at Deutsche Banc Alex Brown. Sole, chairman of the board of Traiana, is a former vice president and chief technology officer of Sapiens International.

In March, Traiana signed an agreement with Deutsche Banc to provide its software program for the bank's foreign exchange brokerage services, the largest unit of its kind in Europe.