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An American trade association has filed an anti-trust complaint in Europe, alleging that


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Windows XP operating system is unfairly damaging competition.

The complaint by the Computer and Communications Industry Association is in addition to an existing complaint alleging that older versions of Windows are in violation of the European Commission trade policy. The existing complaint is a consolidation of separate complaints filed by Microsoft competitors and by European regulators.

A summary of the 256-page complaint,

posted on the CCIA's Web site, says the XP interface gives Microsoft an unfair advantage by pushing users to the Redmond, Wash.,-based company's own sites and products. The complaint also claims that Microsoft refuses to disclose the document formats for the programs in Microsoft's Office software.

"These are old arguments and allegations rehashed by a group that is intent on frustrating efforts to resolve these issues rather than working constructively with the rest of the industry," said Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler.

In theory, the commission could levy a fine of up to 10% of Microsoft's worldwide revenues, but it has never invoked so great a sanction, according to a spokesman for the CCIA. By 2004, the commission will have the power to impose structural remedies, including divestiture, he added.