Immunomedics (Nasdaq:IMMU) has signed a marketing and distribution agreement for Latin America with Teva-Tuteur of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a Teva subsidiary.

Teva-Tuteur will be marketing Immunomedics' CEA-Scan (arcitumomab) and LeukoScan (sulesomab) diagnostic imaging products throughout Latin America. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

LeukoScan was developed for use in diagnostic imaging of suspected osteomyelitis, or bone infection, in long bones and in feet, including those with diabetic foot ulcers.

CEA-Scan is a diagnostic imaging agent that can detect the presence, location and extent of metastasis or recurrence of colorectal cancer.

Both products are diagnostic imaging kits consisting of a small fragment of an antibody that targets either cancer cells (CEA-Scan) or activated granulocytes that accumulate at sites of infection (LeukoScan).

After a rapid, proprietary, labeling step with technetium-99m, a widely used diagnostic radioisotope in nuclear medicine, the patient is imaged with a conventional nuclear camera, which detects abnormally increased uptake in the scans.

Teva-Tuteur markets products manufactured in Argentina to Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, and Paraguay. Through other affiliated companies, it distributes products throughout Latin America.