Giant generic drug manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA), traded in Tel Aviv and on the Nasdaq at a market cap of $8 billion, yesterday announced tentative FDA approval for its 15 mg, 30 mg and 45 mg Mirtazapine anti-depressant.

The Mirtazapine is the generic version of Organon¿s Remeron, which controls the secretion of two chemicals in the human brain that transfer data through the various regions of the nervous system. The double action effectively treats depression and its symptoms.

The drug does not lead to the common side effects such as dizziness and constipation, and is particularly effective for the receptors of the active substances in the nervous system, and as a mediator with anti-depressant activity. The drug ends depression related phenomena such as sexual dysfunction, insomnia, anxiety and stomach and intestine disorders. The side effects of this drug are mostly daytime drowsiness, and overeating leading to weight gain.

According to Organon, 340 million people around the world suffer from depression symptoms. One out of four women and one out of ten men can develop depression, yet over half the types of depression are not diagnosed and go untreated. About $53 billion are spent annually in the U.S. on the treatment of depression.

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