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Telsa Motors


CEO Elon Musk is not one to mince words. When the Tesla chief speaks, tweets or writes, the world listens, and this time is no different, with the stock spiking nearly 3% to $51.90 on news of a "new strategy."

Earlier today, Musk


that the electric car maker is going to unveil a new strategy tomorrow, adding that "owners will like this."

Musk did not specify what the company's new strategy will be, but one can only guess. Tesla recently announced a

new financing program

on its Model S car. As part of the program, the South African-born Musk is personally going to stand by the resale value of the Model S, using the same as the


S Class.

Pacific Crest

analyst Ben Schuman estimates that about 60% of Tesla's customers will use the new financing plan. "Required lease accounting results indelayed revenue, but is gross-margin accretive for the first 36 months, which makesit much easier for Tesla to hit its 25% gross-margin target," Schuman wrote in his note. He rates Tesla "market perform."

Always keen to show off his sense of humor, Musk also tweeted about the recent run-up in Tesla's share price.

Since reporting

earnings in February

, Tesla shares have jumped nearly 33%, far outpacing the 2.6% move in the




Written by Chris Ciaccia in New York

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