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Terror attacks on U.S. will create a boom for videoconferencing firms, predict analysts

Israel's RadVision upgraded to Buy

The terror attacks on the United States will boost sales by videoconferencing companies, predict analysts. One such company is Israel's RadVision (Nasdaq:RVSN), which HC Wainwright has upgraded to Buy.

Companies likely to see a boost include RadVision and U.S. rival Polycom (Nasdaq:PLCM), says Brian Adamik, president and CEO of market-research firm Yankee Group.

RadVision develops products and technology for real-time communication of voice, video and data over Internet. Polycom manufactures equipment to access broadband network services, which also facilitate voice, video and data communications.

Companies will shift to conducting business through videoconferencing, Adamik predicts: Anyone involved in that sector is in the right place at the right time.

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Fear of flying is one of many factors that could boost videoconferencing. Other factors include rising fuel prices, and a savage cut of travel budgets.

HC Wainwright analyst Nigel Gonsalves concurs that RadVision and Polycom will benefit from the tragedy, as will Wire-WAN and Gentner Communications (Nasdaq:GTNR). HC Wainwright accordingly upgraded both RadVision and Polycom to Buy.

Polycom is a purely American company that dual-listed for trade in Tel Aviv after acquiring the Israeli startup Accord Networks (Nasdaq:ACCD) in December 2000, for $340 million.