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Tel Aviv District Labor Court Judge Meir Nachtomy today turned down a request to issue a preliminary injunction against staff dismissals at

ECI Telecom

(Nasdaq:ECIL). The request was filed by the ECI worker committee.

The judge accepted the position of ECI's management claiming that a special agreement signed by both parties on January 2, 2001 is binding. His ruling means that both parties must act in accordance with the agreement regarding all dismissals.

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Today's decision means that the ECI executive has been given the green light to issue letters of dismissal to its workers as of February 7, 2001.

ECI Worker Committee Chairman Haim Ben-Shlush told that substantial progress had been made in its negotiations with the executive. Ben-Shlush said that staff cuts had been reduced from 142 to 120 employees. He added that the committee plans appeal the judge's decision at the National Labor Court in Jerusalem, and ask for additional injunctions.