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Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse

What it is

: A laser mouse


: Smallest USB receiver on the market


: Size -- it should be even smaller

Keeping track of one more USB device is not my idea of stealth business travel.So along comes


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with a stellar idea to solve this problem, the world's smallest USB receiver. In fact it's so small that you won't ever have to unplug it. No more wasted time waiting for your laptop to recognize and start up the mouse.

The laser and scroll on this are great. My only complaint is that I'd like to see itin a smaller model, to accommodate the tiny, (often broken) airplane tray tables.

But until something better comes along, I'm taking this one on the road.

$79 for 1-gigabyte model

What it is

: A flash drive


: Waterproof and tamper-proof


: Not for Apple's Mac

Most mobile executives today use flash drives but don't realize how at-risk the data on those flash drives can be to hackers. The IronKey is a hardware-encrypted flash drive with what the company calls "military-grade AES encryption." There is a Cryptochip that cannot be disabled by malware or an intruder. If the Cryptochip detects a physical attack from a hacker, it will initiate a "self-destruct" sequence. You can run portable apps from the drive and not leave a footprint on the computer you are using. Comes loaded with Password Manager, Secure Backup and (the only browser you should be using) Mozilla Firefox.

Available in 1-, 2- and 4-gigabyte models, and the case is waterproof and tamper-proof.

Jasper Keynote Laser

What it is

: A laser pointer


: Easy to use


: Price

Business presentations can go downhill in a hurry if the presenter's toolbox is not up-to-date. What I like about the Jasper Keynote pointer is that it doesn't have to be pointed at the laptop or computer to work.Nothing slows down a presentation more than having to wait for a laser to recognize the source to continue.

The device is about 5 inches long and feels natural while in use. The green laser can also be used as a pointing device outdoors and has a nighttime visible range of several miles, in case your presentation takes you out to the middle of nowhere.

The beauty of this site is that it also monitors airlines that don't appear on Expedia or Orbitz, like JetBlue and Southwest.

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