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SAN FRANCISCO -- Of the more than 320 companies expected to present at

BancBoston Robertson Stephens

' 16th annual

Technology Conference

here, some won't be as much basking in the spotlight as put on the spot. Running from Feb. 22 through Feb. 25 at the

San Francisco Ritz-Carlton

, BancBoston expects more than 2,000 institutional investors to attend -- a number that rivals the turnout at

Goldman Sachs'

lavish tech conference earlier this month in New York City. The companies presenting will cover most tech sectors.

With a price war raging in the chip market, investors in semiconductors will be looking to see which of the top companies is best positioned to maintain healthy margins over the long haul. The big three --

Texas Instruments

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National Semiconductor


-- will all be giving their spiel.

Among software companies, who's bigger than


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? Joachim Kempin, original equipment manufacturer senior vice president, is expected to represent the software giant. And the company may have a lot of explaining to do as Microsoft's stock price continues its steady descent. It has dropped over the past couple of weeks to the lowest level since Jan. 15.

Speaking of explaining, investors may also pile in to hear how Denver-based enterprise software company

J.D. Edwards


plans to get its business back on track. J.D. Edwards' recent earnings preannouncement caused concern on Wall Street, as did its purchase of a small, privately held company to boost its supply-chain management offerings.

And among Internet companies, top presenters will include

America Online


, recently dethroned as the leading Internet access provider in the U.K. after ISPs there started offering free Internet access. AOL will have to convince investors it can compete and that its business model is still a winning one.

The interest in AOL will probably spill over into auctioneer


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presentation on rumors that AOL would take a stake in eBay. AOL and eBay refused to discuss the rumors before, but that won't stop investors from trying to glean some hints of whether a deal is in the works.

Notably absent from the conference will be giants such as


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Sun Microsystems

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. But for investors seeking information on smaller companies with growth potential, the full

schedule could hold promise. For those who can't attend,'s

team of reporters will.

Look for morning and afternoon conference notebooks, as well as daily features focusing on a presenting company.

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