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phone by its carrier.

After testing the


MyTouch phone on


for the past week, it's easy to give the phone high marks for its features and smooth operations, but the network connections get a D for quality.

New York is a tough market for wireless.


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has home court advantage and has the most of the market saturated, including some subway stops and train tunnels.


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have made great progress in the recent years to beef up coverage. But T-Mobile, a unit of

Deutsche Telekom

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, is by far the least penetrated of the bunch.

That shortcoming marred the MyTouch performance, with way too many Internet service failures, slow Web page loading and no connections in some locations. The MyTouch uses 3G and EDGE network connections, which helps explain the fast-one-minute, slow-the-next, experience.

Unfortunately, this will be an undeserved blemish on the Google wireless effort. But, as we have reported here, new Andoid -powered devices from



and HTC are coming to other phone companies, and there's a good chance that Android will have its day.See this video review by Gary Krakow:

World's Second 'Google' Phone: myTouch 3G

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The MyTouch is a fun little phone with a bright 3.2-inch touchscreen, solid 3.2 megapixel camera and sleek polished plastic feel. The phone also has WiFi and GPS.

The Android operating system worked well and offered an easy flick-and-poke touchscreen navigation and quick transitions between applications. Switching from text messaging to shooting video took seconds.

My review model, which presumably will be the MyTouch available to all early next month, comes with a Market download store that lists dozens of games and applications, many of which are available for free.

The camera proved solid with clear, quick shots that are automatically saved to your gallery, freeing you from having to manually save each shot.

The Android MyTouch is the successor to HTC's G1 phone at T-Mobile and it is expected to be available Aug. 5 for $199 with a two-year contract.

Android is coming to Verizon this fall in a new Motorola phone lineup that promises to help spark a revival of the ailing phone maker, and add an intriguing smartphone to Verizon's ho-hum line up.

As one of the vanguard of Web-friendly operating systems, Android has proven to be a striking upstart in a touchscreen market dominated by


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