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Tech Rumor of the Day: AppleBerry

What if the Apple iPhone and Research In Motion BlackBerry got together?

Editor's note: The following isn't real news. It's April Fools' Day, so we thought we would have some fun thinking about what could be if Apple and RIM were to come together.

It's April 1 and the opening day for the CTIA wireless conference in Las Vegas.

By sheer luck, we've managed to get our hands on a phone that is sure to be one of the most talked-about scene-stealers of the event this week: The AppleBerry ultrasmartphone.

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In a rare but inspired move, two of the top smartphones --



iPhone and

Research In Motion's


BlackBerry -- have been combined to make a brilliant and doubly functional phone.

The device, which is not widely available yet, has a big bright 3.5-inch touchscreen on one side and a compact QWERTY keypad and second screen on the other side.

Developers of the AppleBerry have been working on the top-secret device under the code name


. This apparently is a reference to the phone's BlackBerry-like all business front and its all-party iPhone-like touchscreen in back.

Tech Rumor: AppleBerry?

We got a chance to toss the AppleBerry around for a bit recently.

While it is no doubt one of the best devices of its kind, and probably twice as good as anything else at CTIA, the AppleBerry does have a few flaws.

No offense to Apple fans, but this design will be

another flop

with consumers.

For one, it is too thick. Anything over a half inch is chubby on fashion's phone runway, and the AppleBerry's thickness goes slightly more than one inch.

And sure it's double the fun double the function, but it's also twice the price of a single device.

Here's the real problem: It's not Canadian enough to be a BlackBerry, and it's not cool enough to be a Mac.