Leading TASE indices are posting mild 0.9% drops mid session Wednesday, after the 2.6% Nasdaq slip last night and central bank governor's announcement he would raise interest rates unless the government adopts fiscal discipline, leaving leery investors on the fence.

The Maof-25 is slipping 0.9%, the TA-100 is losing 0.76% and the Tel Tech is shedding 1.36% on turnover of NIS 137 million.

Israel Corporation bonds are trading at an unusual NIS 20 million turnover.

Teva Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq:TEVA) is rising 1.5% on NIS 20 million turnover on FDA approval for Fluoxetine, the generic version of Eli Lilly's anti-depressant Prozac. The approval followed the U.S. Supreme Court's decision not to extend the patent period for Prozac.

Discount Investment Corporation is losing 1.5% and Elron Electronic Industries (Nasdaq:ELRN) is shedding about 2% following negative responses in the U.S. market yesterday to the planned second public offering from their holding, Given Imaging (Nasdaq:GIVN).

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Bank shares are also sliding. Bank Hapoalim is down 1.7%, Bank Leumi is shedding 1%, Israel Discount Bank is dipping 0.3%. Mizrahi Bank remains unchanged.

Delek Group is rising 0.1% after raising NIS 140 million in bonds yesterday, almost double the planned $75 million. Demand from institutional investors exceeded $260 million.

Partner Communications (Nasdaq:PTNR) is losing 2.5% having opened with a negative 3.4% arbitrage gap. The company yesterday reported its first NIS 54.4 million operating profit in Q4 2001, and an annual 2001 profit of NIS 102.9 million. In 2000 the company posted an operating loss of NIS 540.2 million.

Suny Electronic is rising 5.5% on NIS 2.7 million turnover, completing a 15% increase in two days for no apparent reason.

Elbit Systems (Nasdaq:ESLT) is also rising 1.8% on NIS 4.1 million turnover.