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Substantial hike in water bills part of effort to decrease consumption

Rise will mainly affect "heavy" business sector consumers

The National Infrastructures Ministry will this week present to the government a reform plan in water fees for consumers. The plan includes an increase of tens of percents in the price of water in order to decrease consumption, reports Ma'ariv.

The proposal, which this week will be submitted for approval by the economic cabinet, involves a rise in water fees mainly for "heavy" consumers in the business sector. No increase is expected in water fees for large families.

According to the proposal, the water fee for urban consumers will be in the range of NIS 10 to NIS 15 per cubic meter in excess of the monthly quota per capita of 10 cubic meters. No change is expected in the fee for water consumption under 10 cubic meters.

The ministry said that the rise will "encourage saving water and prevent waste."

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Domestic consumers are currently charged NIS 2.7 for the first 8 cubic meters, NIS 5.9 for the next 7 cubic meters, and NIS 5.79 for any cubic meter over the first 15 cubic meters.