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Privately-held startups have raised no less than $352 million so far this year despite the global crises in the hi-tech and venture capital industries, according to data collected by TheMarker. The capital came from local and foreign venture capital funds and from strategic investors.

The last two weeks were undoubtedly the most successful in the history of the local startup sector. In a pleasant coincidence, three mature companies Mellanox Technologies, Atrica, and Chiaro Networks, vied to outdo each other. The capital these three companies raised comprises 60% of the capital technology companies have raised this year.

Mellanox two weeks ago completed a $56 million financing round at an impressive $190 million pre-money valuation.

Optics firms Atrica secured $75 million at a lowered pre-money value of $90 million. Media reports had placed the financing round in the range of $30 million to $70 million.

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As reported by the TheMarker, Chiaro completed an $80 million financing round at $125 million pre-money valuation. In September 2000, the company had raised $100 million at $400 million pre-money value.

The 2001 leaders had been Actelis Networks, which raised $46 million, Mobilian Israel and CeLight, both of which secured $45 million.

Quark Biotech Inc. is estimated to have in 2001 secured almost $50 million in several financing rounds, although the company does not disclose numbers. Three venture capital funds have also announced raising sequel funds worth some $400 million. Veritas secured some $50 million, Infinity raised about $60 million, and DZ Israel Associates raised $30 million. Vertex has officially announced the closing of a third fund at $160 million, $10 million more than had been expected.