) --


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has pulled its


rebate for users moving their numbers from another service provider over to a



Pre, just hours after launching the service.

The deal, which aimed to boost Sprint's Pre sales, requires that new customers sign on for two-year contracts, and the payback will show up as credits in the first three monthly bills. The service, launched Tuesday, was slated to run until Oct. 10, but Sprint confirmed that it has now been pulled in an email to


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The service provider had apparently put the promotion into its system "in error" according to a statement mailed to the


Web site, but will honor its commitment to customers that signed up for the offer when it was available.

Somewhat confusingly, the company was still publicizing the offer on its Web site at time of writing.

Faced with stiff competition from


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's iPhone, Palm is expected to make the Pre available to other carriers -- including


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and possibly


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-- next year.

-- written by James Rogers in New York.