Insurance and finance mogul Shlomo Eliyahu strikes again.

Adanim Bank Mortgages and Loans(TASE:ADBK), of the Mizrahi Bank group is reporting Eliyahu Insurance, Shlomo Eliyahu's insurance company, is now a party at interest in the mortgage and loan bank, traded on the TASE at a NIS 100 million valuation.

Eliyahu Insurance now holds 923 Adanim shares, each priced at NIS 7,000 on the TASE.

This makes Eliyahu the first private investor to own a stake in three different banks. With a 9.6% stake valued at over NIS 1 billion, he is the second largest shareholder in Bank Leumi., after the state, whose stake in the bank is 41%.

The mogul also has a 23% stake, or NIS 182 million in Union Bank of Israel.

Eliyahu shares control of Union Bank equally with Yeshayahu Landau and heirs to David Lubinski, Peugeot and Citroen importer.