Senior Foreign Ministry official: European Parliament dangerous precedent

Oded Eran says European attitude to parties to conflict imbalanced
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The call of the European Parliament to suspend trade agreements with Israel constitutes a new low in Europe's handling of the Middle East which should be looked at as whole since the Venice Declaration, senior Foreign Ministry official Oded Eran said.

The ministry's former deputy director general for economic affairs said the European Union is demonstrating imbalance in its attitude to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Eran said that the call could hurt. He surmised that actual damage would be minimal, but it constitutes a dangerous precedent. "Personally, I would recommend to the European Union to think carefully before it takes such a measure," he said.

Eran said that although Israel had conducted negotiations with the Palestinians under late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, the achievements made at the time are today questionable.