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Senior Channel 2 official: Merger with Israel 10 wise

Knesset communications committee favors merger

A senior official in one of the Channel 2 franchisees told TheMarker that merging one of the Channel 2 franchisees with Channel 10 is more than possible. The source said that as everyone understands today, such a move would be wise.

The official said that no franchisee has received any concrete offer but should such an offer be made it would be given serious consideration.

The proposal for this merger was raised last week by Channel 10 CEO Johanna Prenner at a meeting with MK Avraham Poraz, chairman of the special Knesset communications committee. The idea had been proposed by Channel 10 investors in an effort to stem heavy losses of up to $10 million per month that Channel 10 has been suffering since going on the air.

Poraz said that the merger is logical and will be examined in depth.

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