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Semi Inspection Equipment: Expect Consolidation

Companies that make and sell inspection tools to the semiconductor industry are growing, due to recent aggressive acquisitions.
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Large companies that make and sell inspection tools to the semiconductor industry are getting larger and more dominant, due to recent aggressive acquisitions.

In the past few years, I have witnessed the acquisition of Therma-Wave, ADE, ICOS Vision Systems, August Technology, Accent Optical Technologies, Soluris, Laserfront Technologies, Tevet, Advanced Metrology Systems, QC Solutions and the MIE business unit of Vistec Semiconductor Systems

The severe downturn in the semiconductor industry put the brakes on acquisitions in 2009, but with growth projected above 75% for the inspection market in 2010, the cycle will start again.

According to our report,

Metrology, Inspection, and Process Control in VLSI Manufacturing

, the top 10 equipment suppliers held 87% of the overall market in 2009. By way of contrast, in 2003, the top 10 equipment suppliers held only 78% of the overall market.

In 2009,


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was the market leader, with a 44.0% share of the $2.2 billion market, well ahead of



Applied Materials

(AMAT) - Get Report

, with a 14.5% and 11.9% share, respectively.

In 2003, KLAC held only a 38.2% share of the market, and in fact, its share had grown to 49.5% of a $3.5 billion market in 2008, after a series of acquisitions. In 2003, AMAT's share was 13.4%, and it too reached a high of 15.8% in 2008.

Clearly 2009 was not a good year for all the 22 sectors of the inspection market covered in the report -- revenues were down 37.6%. It was also not a good year for KLAC and AMAT, which lost share in a down year. But they had been gaining until 2009 and it's likely that certain semiconductor customers of theirs cut back more capex spending in 2009 than their competitor's customers.

Nova Measuring Instruments

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fared particularly well, growing 15.2% in 2009 and moving into 10 position; but revenue dropped 43% in 2008, when the overall market only dropped 23.8%, again illustrating that one year does not make a trend and revenue can be greatly impacted by one or two customers.

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