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The world's third-largest software maker, the German firm


is to spin-off its organizational portal, mySAP Workplace, to make it an independent subsidiary to be called SAP Portals. It will also incorporate technology from the Israeli firm TopTier, which it acquired last week for $400 million in cash.

The new spin-off will concentrate on the development and marketing of the organizational portal, and on business information products. These software solutions aim at giving organizational users a competitive advantage and greater efficiency.

The new company will have a staff of 700, and will be led by CEO Shai Agassi, the former CEO of TopTier Software. Much of the new firm's development activity will take place in TopTier's Israel location, which employs a staff of 125, and which will continue to run in its current format. In addition to supplying its parent company with new technology, the firm will offer its technology to companies outside of the SAP group, and projects that much of its income will come from companies that have nothing to do wit the SAP client base.

The integration of the two firms should enable companies and individuals to overcome the complexity and lack of compatibility between various software programs. The solutions offered by SAP's Portals will enable people to share information in real time. Already today, TopTier's Drag and Relate technology is integrated into mySAP Workplace, which simplifies user integration.

TopTier's Founder, President and CEO Agassi says that its customers will ultimately benefit from the new company. "When the strongest player in the organizational portal market, SAP Portals, supplies an open and new organizational portal and information platform, our clients benefit from a faster service," he concluded.