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RIM Woes Boost Motorola

Shares rise in spite of another weak showing in Schaumburg.

Reseach in Motion (RIMM) shares dipped 2% as its email network suffers an unexplained shutdown.

Users of BlackBerry wireless devices have had only intermittent email service Wednesday. The outage affected service across the U.S. market, and the Waterloo, Ont., tech shop has not provided any information concerning its restoration efforts or the cause of the trouble.

The massive failure comes just as businesses were once again getting comfortable with their heavy reliance on BlackBerry mobile email. Less than a year ago, RIM settled a patent dispute that threatened to shut down the network and force companies to find alternative providers.

The size and impact of the current outage could help revive efforts by businesses to secure other email providers or secondary suppliers, such as



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Outlook Exchange service.

RIMM shares fell $2.67 to $128.60 in early trading Wednesday, while Motorola moved up 25 cents to $18.20 in spite of its earlier soft sales guidance.