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Readers Share Deep-Seated iPhone Desires

Ideas keep coming in on what Apple should include in the next iPhone, with bonus thoughts for the next Blackberry.

I've asked you to "Keep those cards and letters coming" about what you want in Apple's next iPhone and I'm amazed at the responses. Thank you.

As we inch closer to Apple's announcement date (rumored to be sometime in the next few weeks) TSC readers have a gazillion ideas of what could and should be included in the next iPhone.

In anticipation of the iPhone 2 announcement -- and the upcoming release of the already-announced


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Blackberry Bold and Thunder, Sprint/Samsung Instinct and SonyEricsson Xperia -- I came up with

a list of suggestions for the next iPhone


And readers have come up with their own ideas for the ultimate new iPhone which you can read


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RF was complimentary is his note:

"Spot on with your list. Cut/copy/paste is a major issue for me. I would like to also add a global search function (like Spotlight on the Mac). Surprised it is not there yet."

RS sent his suggestions on his iPhone:

"A digital zoom feature for the camera, also the ability to record at least 30 seconds of audio as well as video. With these features plus all the features you mentioned, iPhone would be second to none."

RB wants some modern-day Bluetooth features added:

"I bought my current iPhone because it syncs my contacts and schedule seamlessly with my desktop and laptop Macs. Before Apple worries about Web enhancements, I'd like my expensive iPhone to do what basic Nokia and Motorola phones do: I want to be able to touch the button on a Bluetooth headset and have voice name, and voice number dialing. I'd like to be able to make a phone call without picking up the cellular phone. Whether you like it or not, many of us use telephones in our cars and we need to be able to use them hands free."

MF weighs in from LA:

"Voice dialing is a fantastic feature that is sadly missing. In car mad L.A., being able to hit a button on the Bluetooth earpiece and say "CALL GARY OFFICE" beats a fender-bender any day."

RLB has a simple request:

"Replace the recessed headphone jack with a standard one."

And, KH has put some thought into his list:

"The number one for me is GPS in hardware accessible by 3rd-party apps. A phone that knows where it is, combined with innovative 3rd-party apps that take advantage of this information, could be very useful.Also, on the software side, I'd like to be able to play audio attachments to emails. My home phone voicemails are emailed to me as WAV attachments. I can tell I got a voicemail, but I can't listen to it on the iPhone.And, finally, back on the hardware side, I want a processor that is twice as fast (or whatever speed is necessary) so Apple will allow Flash to play in the browser."

JL doesn't have high hopes for the next Apple phone:

"Until you can get an unlimited international data plan from AT&T.... the iPhone is nothing more then a worthless paper weight when traveling overseas.Apple will never compete for international travelers if they cannot get AT&T to offer this service. The 20MB and 40MB international data packages are shameless.... and when you cannot block e-mail attachments, one has NO control over their data usage. Since AT&T gives Blackberry users an unlimited data package for less then 40MB with iPhone, it makes you really feel that Apple doesn't care about their customer when the locked into an exclusive deal that limits their customers use.I find it annoying when the European counterparts I work with actually purchase their iPhones in Europe and get a lower price on the phone and more importantly, unlimited international data plans for less then AT&T charges us in the US. If Apple wants to not get killed by the new RIM( handsets), they should go to bat and negotiate on behalf of their US clients and get AT&T to offer an unlimited data plan."

A few readers had some requests for the next generation of Blackberry products.

CR's feature list includes:

"The ability to read and see full HTML emails
Larger screen that also has touch screen capabilities.
The ability to play videos from the web such as YouTube, or a video from
A better quality digital camera
More quality blackberry applications that I can download to my phone (The current selection is VERY limited with only a couple of choices that are worthwhile)
Streaming Live TV"

And, from PD in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: "Your comments about WiMax of the Iphone sounded cool,

so too would a Wi-MAX Blackberry with a full screen."

There's still time before these new phones go on sale. If you have ideas of what you would like to see on your next iPhone and/or Blackberry write to me -- let me know. I promise to pass your suggestions along.

Gary Krakow is's senior technology correspondent.