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A federal judge has issued a memorandum that basically limits some points of


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patent infringement suit against

Infineon Technologies


, according to

Dow Jones


The pretrial ruling was released a day after Rambus'

stock dove 32% after

Electronic News Online

reported that a ruling favoring Infineon had been made but hadn't been written. The stock closed Friday down $8.29, or 34%, to $15.80.

In a statement Friday, Rambus said, "Based on this interpretation, Rambus maintains its allegation that Infineon has infringed these four patents. Rambus is prepared to protect its intellectual property from those who infringe and looks forward to presenting its case to the jury."

Rambus is suing Infineon over patents that Rambus says it holds on two types of DRAM, or dynamic random access memory, called synchronous DRAM, or SDRAM, and double data rate DRAM, or DDR. As such, Rambus wants to collect royalties on the SDRAM and DDR that Infineon makes. Currently Rambus' revenue in general comes from royalties on Rambus DRAM, or RDRAM, which isn't at issue here.

This suit is one of several that Rambus is involved in over similar issues both in the U.S. and overseas, but it's the most important one right now because it's the one closest to an actual trial. However, the trial, set to begin March 20, was postponed Friday to April 10. Rambus said the judge delayed the trial because of new evidence, which "consists of Infineon documents provided by Infineon to Rambus only days before the trial was to commence and months after discovery closed."