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Public sector wage excesses continue: 19% of entities pay huge salaries

Tel Aviv's municipal legal advisor gets NIS 119,000 monthly wages

The public sector continues to pay excessive wages particularly to senior staff.

The gross monthly wages of 471 senior public sector executives come to more than NIS 50,000 each. Gross monthly wages of 2,042 civil servants come to more than NIS 40,000 each, according to a report that Wages and Labor Agreement Director General Yuval Rachlevsky submitted to Knesset today.

Wage costs include retroactive payments, retirement benefits, and other payments made by the employer.

Senior executives at the Israel Electric Corporation, Bank of Israel, Israel Aircraft Industries, Israeli Ports and Railways Authority, and national carrier El Al top the list again this year.

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Tel Aviv's municipal legal adviser heads the list with NIS 119,00 gross monthly wages, followed by an IAI pilot, with NIS 63,000 gross monthly wages. Gross monthly wages of an IPRA worker manager come to about NIS 58,400.

However, the number of public sector entities with excessive wages has decreased in recent years. In 2000, 19% entities paid excessive wages, compared with 21% in 1999, 40% in 1998 and 62% in 1995.

Israel Electric Corporation leads the list of excesses, with 11 senior IEC executives receiving monthly wages at a cost of NIS 65,364. Gross monthly wages of 280 high-salaried workers come to some NIS 49,000 per worker, and gross monthly wages of 13,500 "ordinary" workers come to about NIS 20,000 per worker.

The gross monthly wages of the senior officials at the Bank of Israel come to NIS 61,710 per worker. Gross monthly wages of high-salaried workers at the central bank come to about NIS 48,500 per worker. Gross monthly wages of 711 "ordinary" workers come to some NIS 21,100 per worker.