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Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has informed Government Companies Authority General Manager Yaron Jacobs that he has decided not to extend Jacobs' tenure, Ma'ariv reports.

Sharon sharply criticized Jacobs in a seven-page letter. Sharon wrote that Jacobs' appointment is tainted by political and personal connections. In addition, Sharon claims that in the course of his term Jacobs frequently deviated from his legal authority and operated contrary to the law. Sharon wrote that Jacobs violated the prime minister's instructions and cabinet instructions. Sharon further said that Jacobs assumed inappropriate authority, and used the media for his own purposes to win public opinion, and to repeatedly criticize and attack the government.

Sharon said that although the government has clearly decided to publish a tender for the acquisition of control in the state-owned phone company Bezeq, Jacobs operated as if this decision does not oblige him to take action, and avoided publishing the tender notice.

The prime minister wrote that prior to his appointment Jacobs did not inform the appointments committee about his political affiliations and relations with former prime minister Ehud Barak.

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