Tel Aviv-listed Poalim Investments today revealed plans to raise NIS 150 million by offering bonds and options.

In June Poalim Investments, which is changing its name to Polar Investments, raised NIS 110 million by selling bonds and options through Tel Aviv-bsed investment bank DS Leader.

It secured NIS 67 million from non-negotiable five-year bonds linked to the consumer price index, carrying annual interest of 6.4%, and NIS 43 million from non-negotiable four-year bonds bearing 8.4% annual interest.

Shrem Fudim Kelner is gearing up to transfer control over Poalim Investments from Urdan Industries to Leader Holdings & Investments. All are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Urdan is convening a special assembly of shareholders today. The shareholders will eb voting on a transaction selling 2.9 million Urdan shares held by Urdan subsidiary Volcan Foundries to Leader.