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PlayStation 3 Has Game Glitch

The new Sony console won't play some older games.



new PlayStation 3 is having problems running some games originally created for its two predecessor platforms, marking the latest bit of bad press for the electronics giant.

The PS3 went on sale in Japan over the weekend. According to reports, certain games from the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 aren't playable on the new console, even though it's supposed to be capable of running the older titles.

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The problem with the PS3 is the latest issue for a console whose rollout was already delayed. The

Associated Press

quoted a Sony spokesman as saying the same trouble is expected when the PS3 hits the U.S. later this month. The spokesman also said the issue had been expected.

However, considering the console will sell for as much as $600 in the U.S., few gamers, especially PlayStation loyalists, are likely to have much patience for glitches.

Shares of Sony were up 1 cent to $40.02.