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Pele-Phone Communications is entering a joint venture with




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) to provide users with a cellular solution to manage inventory using PDAs personal digital assistants, or handheld computers.

The solution is based on palm-computer software that Retalix developed, which allows users to synchronize data on handheld computers using cellphones operating on the Pele-Phone network.

Subscribers to the service will gain access to all inventory information available at their central company computer, which they can then process in the field, in real time, using their handheld computers. The service frees them of dependence on the customer's hardware.

Pele-Phone commented that it views the joint project with Retalix as another pillar in its value added services for businesses.

Retalix, formerly known as Point of Sale, develops software for the retail industry. Pele-Phone is a subsidiary of the state-run phone company Bezeq.