Partner Communications (Nasdaq: PTNR) is expected to ink a deal soon with startup Celltick and plans to launch new "pushed" content and services for subscribers using the startup¿s interactive broadcast technology.

The new service will yield $40 million revenues for Partner in the first two years according to projections by British consulting company Baskervill. Partner hopes to distribute SIM cards that will enable 20% of subscribers access to Celltick services in the first year of activity and 46% of the customer base by the end of the second year.

Partner's projections are based on data from customers who participated in trials conducted in July and August 2001 using Celltick technology. The trial included 120 participants, 64 of whom were Partner employees, and weekly participation rates were very high. Interest increased throughout the trial, reaching 10.2 average clicks per day per user by the seventh week.

A Partner spokesperson stated in response that the company is not familiar with the Baskervill report, which does not reflect Partner's position or any other information on the relationship between Partner and Celltick.