on Monday announced the successor to its popular Treo 600 smartphone.

The new device -- dubbed the Treo 650 -- has a faster processor and a higher resolution screen than its predecessor. Also, unlike the Treo 600, the new device has built-in Bluetooth networking and a removable battery.

Wireless carriers in the U.S. will begin offering the new Treo later this year, according to PalmOne. The device will be available outside the U.S. next year.

PalmOne had previously announced plans to introduce a new smartphone this fall. Many enthusiast sites have shown alleged photographs and listed the rumored specifications of the new Treo for several weeks now.

Although the company made its name from selling personal digital assistants, or PDAs, the company has increasingly focused on the smartphone segment, particularly since its acquisition last year of rival Handspring. The move is a strategic one: While the PDA market has stagnated, analysts expect smartphone sales to grow exponentially in coming years. Meanwhile, the company is able to charge a premium for smartphones that it can't get from its PDAs.

In PalmOne's most recent quarter, for instance, the company shipped 273,000 Treo 600s, which was up 81% from the previous quarter, sequentially. Nearly two-thirds of the company's 5-percentage-point year-over-year increase in gross profit margin in the quarter was due to its Treo sales.

The Treo 650 has a 312 MHz Intel processor and a 320-by-320 pixel screen. Its predecessor has a 144 MHz processor and a 160-by-160 pixel screen.

Like the Treo 600, the new device will come in two flavors: a CDMA and a GSM version.

In recent trading, PalmOne shares were off 50 cents, or 1.8%, to $27.70.