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Great surround-sound experience without a huge speaker system.<P/>
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LOS ANGELES -- There are tons of iPod (AAPL) - Get Report speakers and docks out there -- but none as unique as the Orbitsound T3 battery-powered portable stereo speaker. This one is unique because you wear it around your neck and it creates a "personal sound field" around you. This is sort of like a huge boombox, but it's the size of your iPod and has much better sound.

Later, Orbitsound has another product that is truly unique: the Oribitsound T12 soundbar. Gadget Grrl says it gives a full-bodied surround-sound experience. What she likes about the Orbitsound T12 is that it's great for a smaller space, or an office, where you can't mount surround-sound speakers.

Orbitsound T3

In addition to getting your own "personal sound field," another unique feature -- and probably the most interesting to audiophiles -- is that this system uses something called "AirSound." Most speakers split sound into left channel and right channel, and as a result, you may hear a drum on one side of the room and a bell on the other. With this gadget, you hear it all because the sound"mixes in the air." This gives you a great sound experience without a huge speaker system.

If you are not interested in hauling around some additional hardware, don't worry, this device weighs just 115g.

And it doesn't have to be worn around your neck, it can also be used at the office or in a hotel room to play what's on your laptop or MP3 device.

Orbitsound T12

Back home or in your office, Orbitsound has another product that is truly unique.Using the same "AirSound" technology, it's the Oribitsound T12 soundbar with iPoddock (and subwoofer).

Some surround-sound speakers can create a hissing sound or noise, and you can miss out on the nuances within a musical score or track. The Orbitsound T12 is a "full bandwidth music system," again using the AirSound technology, so you can sit anywhere in the room and get a full-bodied audio experience.

The subwoofer adds the depth of bass and booms, and there is a remote control also included. Listening to a DVD with this T12 was so much clearer than other multi-speaker systems, the clarity was stunning, especially on the dialogue.

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