One person was killed, at least one person is critically wounded and at least 24 more people suffered injuries in a bomb attack on a Jerusalem No. 6 bus shortly after 13:20, according to Israel radio reports.

The explosion took place at French Hill, Jerusalem. The public is requested to avoid the French Hill area.

Police are confident that a body found outside the bus is the terrorist, even though the body has not yet been identified or autopsied. He apparently wore an explosive belt on his body, said police district commander Micky Levy. He confirmed that the bomb had not been placed on the bus, but exploded outside it.

Police are confident the incident was a terrorist attack. After inspecting the area carefully with sniffer dogs, police stated that there are no more bombs in that area.

The bus is relatively intact, said an eyewitness. Nor is the damage surrounding the bus great, another eyewitness said, indicating that the bomb was relatively small.

Passengers claim that a suspicious character got onto the bus, holding a bag. He disembarked moments later and the bus blew up shortly afterwards, they claim. Police say that version of events is unlikely, however. They believe the suicide bomber stood on the sidewalk and detonated the bomb as the bus passed.

Speaking before the attack, Palestinian Authority chairman Yasser Arafat told the Arab leaders convening in Amman, Jordan that he condemns all terrorism of all kinds. He added that Israeli actions against Palestinians are also terrorism. He spoke before the Jerusalem attack.

Dr Rachel Adato of Shaarey Tzedek Hospital said eight people had been brought in with superficial wounds. She said some might be kept overnight for observation.

One man with serious chest wounds has been brought to Har Hatzofim Hospital in north Jerusalem. The hospital reports receiving several more people with superficial shrapnel injuries or shock.

"The police are examining the nature of the attack. We may know more about how it happened soon," said Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert. He noted that the police had traffic cameras at the site, by coincidence, which may help solve open questions about how the attack was carried out. He warned the citizens of Jerusalem that it's a war and said the city would do all it could to help the families of the wounded.

Olmert said he would meet with government officials to find out what they plan to do, after the city suffered two attacks today. "There are no magic solutions," he warned. "A tough time lies ahead."

Earlier in the morning at least two people were wounded in an attack in Talpiyot, Jerusalem. Police officer Micky Levy said that the perpetrators have not been apprehended. He said police would be stepping up patrols, but said that citizens must stay alert and report anything suspicious.

Levy said that the two bomb attacks in Jerusalem today seem to be unrelated, going by the characteristics of the bombs. But he noted that it's too soon to state that categorically before extensive lab tests.

The Islamic Jihad has taken credit for the morning car bomb in the industrial zone of Talpiyot, at Yad Harutzim Street. The "fingerprints" of the bombs may offer more information on the identity of the attackers.

Emergency number at Shaarey Tzedek hospital, for direct information on the wounded only: +972-2-6464261.

All the news in this story was collated from Israel radio reports.