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Government Companies Authority Chief Yaron Jacobs does not plan to postpone the privatization of phone company


for long, reports

Yedioth Ahronoth


Jacobs was responding to Bezeq Chairman Ido Dissentshik, who said on Tuesday that Bezeq's chances of going private are not promising, given the sorry state of the global telecommunications market.

Jacobs also stated that he sees no place to relax the restrictions that apply to Bezeq as a government-owned company.

Jacobs added that the authority debating when to publish the Bezeq tender. Publication was put off because of the situation of the telecoms market, and the police probe into the finances of Gad Zeevi, who owns a 20% stake in Bezeq.

The police is investigating allegations that Zeevi failed to report the source of his financing used to buy the interest, and an accusation that he used laundered Russian mafia money.

Jacobs said that meanwhile,

Merrill Lynch

is looking for potential buyers for Bezeq. Jacobs said the bank's report is due by the end of April.