The number of Israeli companies that will take part in the 2002 CeBIT hi-tech trade fair this year will shrink by about a third: instead of the 100 companies that took part in it last year only 70 will attend this year, Israel Shotland, Director General of the Israel Export Institute, told a delegation of European hi-tech journalists in Israel as guests of the institute.

According to Shotland, the number of Israeli companies at the fair ¿ both in the national booth and those displaying independently - has grown substantially in the last decade. In the last three years Israel was one of the ten most prominent countries at the fair.

Not only has the number of companies dropped to 70, they will also be using less floor space, and the Export Institute will have two rather than four national booths.

Almost no drops were posted in the number of telecommunication, software and multimedia companies in the fair.

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