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No Answers at Motorola

Another subpar performance, and no hot new phones in sight.

Motorola (MOT) fans who tuned in to the company's first-quarter conference call had at least one unpleasant takeaway: There's still no new phone to save the company from its post-Razr crisis.

The Schaumburg, Ill., wireless tech titan

lowered targets for the second quarter and promised to make additional cuts that it would explain more fully in June.

On the call with analysts, executives said the company is nursing an inventory "hangover," as it tries to honor price commitments to telco customers and purchase agreements with suppliers.

So with the company still carrying last year's troubles well into this year, analysts and investors could have used a little spark of hope from Motorola's design team to help keep the optimists onboard.

Instead, while


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soon-to-be-released iPhone captures all the industry buzz, Motorola will be trying to patch up old mistakes like getting 3G devices to the market a year late and making phones for India that actually

work with India's languages.

As far as new phones for Motorola, expect a lot more um ... well ... revamped Razr lookalikes.

On the conference call with analysts, CEO Ed Zander was asked what was in store beyond the three design platforms the company offers. Zander said he expected to see a good reception for the Rizr, a slide-open version of the Razr.

But beyond that, Zander didn't put much faith in the notion of a killer design.

"I don't know how many ways there are to make phones," Zander said on the conference call. "We have to be careful not to build things like Swiss army knives."

Referring to the iPhone though not naming Apple, Zander says its what's in the phone as much as what it looks like that might be the key to success.

"The brouhaha" about the "West Coast" phone "is what it can do," says Zander. "That's were I have the team focused."

But as one money manager pointed out, Motorola is going no where this year, so all they can offer is "spin."