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Another class action suit has been filed against a cellular operator in the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court, this time by Shavit Shapira against Cellcom. Shapira asked her action be deemed a "class action" since, she claims, illegal charges were imposed on her as part of a special offer by Cellcom.

Shapira claims she accepted the offer along with many other Cellcom customers. The special offer was to replace her older Cellcom device with a better newer device.

The replacement was at a low cost and would include low airtime charges.

Customers accepting the offer would undertake to remain Cellcom clients for a 36-month period.

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An important part of Cellcom's presentation was a low 49 agorot per minute charge for Cellcom-to-Cellcom airtime, says the plaintiff, good for any Cellcom network number dialed, including the cell phone's answering service.

In reality, says Shapira, Cellcom charged a significantly higher 96.06 agorot per minute tariff for calling the cellular answering service.

The plaintiff demands reimbursement for the NIS 170 surcharge, and wants the action to be considered a class action suit on behalf of the 400,000 customers who took Cellcom up on its offer. She estimates the action to total NIS 68 million.