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Nice crashes on as the Nasdaq dips

The share is now slashed by 55% and the Nasdaq loses 0.3%

The Christmas holiday and New Year expectations are taking their toll on trade volumes. At the moment the technology index is dropping 0.3% to a 2,530 level, while the Dow Jones adds 0.2%.

Arbitrage share Nice Systems (Nasdaq:NICE) is crashing, losing 54.5% to $20.3 after releasing a warning today that it will be ending the fourth quarter with losses of 6 cents per share, as opposed to earlier forecasts of netting 58 cents per share. The company attributes the drops to the drooping telecoms market, which caused a delay in orders.

The company, which develops digital recording and retrieval systems, lost 17% on its Tel Aviv trade today, as the Forsythe investment bank assessed it will be issuing a profit warning. When the warning was indeed issued, it brought Nice market cap down to $255.5 million.

On the rise is Radware (Nasdaq:RDWR), which is adding 13.5% to $19.4, in spite of a profit warning from F5 Networks (Nasdaq:FFIV) issued today. The F5 share, which is Radware's competition in the field of Internet data transfer, drops by 21% following the warning. Unlike her competition, Radware announced intentions to meet revenue and profit forecasts for Q4. Analysts expect a 9 cents per share profit, a cent below that in the comparable quarter last year.

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Galileo Technology (Nasdaq:GALT) is also boosted by its price drops in recent weeks, and is now adding 10.3% to $13.5. In line with it, Marvell Technology Group (Nasdaq:MRVL) is adding 9%. Last night Galileo added 9% and Marvell gained 12%.

BVR Systems (Nasdaq:BVRS) is adding 33.3% to $3. The company announced sales of $20 million worth of its flight simulators to a foreign air force two days ago. Today's climb takes the share up an accumulated 240% over the last three days, to $2.3.

Sapiens International (Nasdaq:SPNS) is currently adding 6.7% to $1. This comes after yesterday's rise of 15.4%, in spite of a warning issued by the company. The software company's rise is on the heels of its announcement of having raised $15 million in a private placement. Investors included the venture capital fund Magnum Communications and the Formula Group (Nasdaq:FORT). They bought $1.5 convertible bonds from Sapiens. Since early September the share dropped by more than 80%.

RadView Software (Nasdaq:RDVW)is now losing 2.5% to $1.3. The share lost 19.2% last night after posting its profit warning. The company anticipates more meager results this quarter than the last. In spite of Q4 being known for its better results, the company anticipates revenues of $2.7 - $3 million, as opposed to the anticipated $3.6 million. On the profit line, the company expects losses of 24 cents per share, 6 cents more than the forecast 18 cents. Other shares of interest today are Indigo NV (Nasdaq:INDG) up 21%, Mercury Interactive (Nasdaq:MERQ) up 5.8% to $106.4, and deltathree (Nasdaq:DDDC) dropping 12.5% to $1.4