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Kindle lit a fire that's now swept up

News Corp.

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Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp., which owns media outlets like

The Wall Street Journal


New York Post

and MySpace, said the company is exploring a wireless e-book device strategy with manufacturers for a product similar to the


, according to reports by





Like the fading music industry, the news business

needs its own iPod moment

to move into the digital age, wrote

New York Times

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Media columnist David Carr about four years ago.

This could be that moment.

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Murdoch told


own Dan Freed last week that he has feared the news industry would be destroyed at the hands of news indexers on the Internet. He continues to be an outspoken critic of Internet news aggregators like


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that distribute copyright material with little or no money flowing back to the media companies.

Murdoch seems ready to take the digital distribution process into his own hands with a wireless device that he expects to have available in "a year or two."

As for how to collect the money, Murdoch suggested to


it would be less like an


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iTunes small payment approach, and more like a recurring service charge.

"We're still thinking our way through this, and there will be micropayments as part of it," Murdoch said. "But I'm thinking much more along the lines of subscriptions like

The Wall Street Journal


In addition to Amazon,


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makes an e-book reader, and

Barnes & Noble

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rumored to be considering one