During the recent ¿Watch Your Own Week¿ on England's Nickelodeon channel, 1.4 votes per second were received during the first use of the channel¿s new interactive TV application, developed by NDS Group, a News Corp (NYSE:NWS, NWS.A) company. The result was way beyond the company's fondest expectations.

Nickelodeon anticipated a total of 100,000 votes during the whole week using the interactive TV application. This figure was achieved after only 2 days of voting, NDS said.

Nickelodeon received a total of 578,000 votes through interactive TV, SMS and phone calls during the full seven days, with each vote generating income for the broadcaster and, through royalties, to NDS.

The company views its experience as validation of its interactive television concept, said NDS VP Interactive TV Richard Cross.

During Watch Your Own Week, kids voted every half an hour between 8.00 AM and 8.00 PM for the shows they want to see on screen in the next half hourly slot. Voting was done through remote controls, by phone or through email.

In late October NDS announced an application to enable interactive television viewers to vote for their favorite nominees in MTV Music Europe Awards, November 8. The voting service was launched on November 5.

NDS was established in 1988 as an Israeli startup based on technology developed by Professor Adi Shamir of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Two years later Murdoch News Corp (NYSE:NWS, NWS.A) bought 80% of the company, which went public at the end of 1999.