(Nasdaq, Easdaq:NNDS), a News Corporation company, is launching an interactive quiz for U.K. Nickelodeon viewers of the TV series

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

, the company announced.


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Sabrina Magic Spell Game

will be launched around the ad breaks of the new series, which kicked off on September 2, 2002. The game is powered with NDS's ValueTV system.

The game consists of multiple choice questions about Sabrina, to which viewers respond using the remote control. The correct response and individual viewers score are displayed before the beginning of the next show.

Eight games are broadcast each day with cumulative points gained for each correct answer. Final scores can be entered into a prize draw via the return path, the company explained.

NDS was established in 1988 as an Israeli startup based on technology developed by Professor Adi Shamir of the Weizmann Institute of Science. Two years later Murdoch News Corp (NYSE:NWS, NWS.A) bought 80% of the company, which went public at the end of 1999.