Motorola's Droid X Debut Attracts Lines

Verizon launches Droid X, backed by big supplies unlike some of the other hot phones of the moment.
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Droid X earned some respectable waiting lines Thursday as customers queued up for the sales debut of the latest


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Android phone.

Verizon Water St. Store in New York (taken with a Droid X)

The Droid X -- Motorola's follow up to the original Droid phone of last year -- takes a huge step forward in the feature race with a 4.3-inch screen, 23% bigger than the


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iPhone's, for example, an 8-megapixel camera and a speedy 1-gigahertz

Texas Instruments

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In what could be seen as more bad news for

Research In Motion


, some of the Droid X shoppers interviewed in line at Verizon's Water Street store in New York Thursday said they were looking to replace their BlackBerry phones with the latest in touchscreen technology.

Another would-be Droid X owner said he was interested in the Apple iPhone, but opting to stay with Verizon for network quality reasons. In his network coverage tests in the Adirondacks using his Verizon phone and a friend's


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phone, the Verizon network won out, he said.

The timing of the

Motorola's Droid X arrival is spot on

, coming amid a critical undersupply of smartphones from other players in the market.

Apple's iPhone 4: not only sold out, but supplies are suspended for the next three weeks as the company makes a so-called fix to the

antenna problems

. Google Android-powered


EVO at


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: sold out indefinitely. Verizon's HTC Droid Incredible: sold out until August 9.

Verizon says it has an ample supply of Droid X phones and in the event of a sellout, the company promises to send buyers a phone within 24 hours.

For Motorola, in a rare industry twist of late, it will be demand and not necessarily supply that determines the Droid X success. And on that front, Motorola is off to a good start.

--Written by Scott Moritz in New York.